Transforming Lives

Anchalee Aowphol (left) advises students Somphouthone Phimmachak (right) and Korkhwan Termprayoon (center) as they examine gecko

You could say Anchalee Aowphol is a pathfinder, if not a trailblazer, among women scientists in her native Thailand and Southeast Asia. In fact, what she does is so unique that there is no word in Thai for her profession: herpetologist—a scientist who studies amphibians and reptiles. Her studies, however, may present more information about the environment and its future than meets the eye.

Surveyors for the Solomon Islands’ Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources interview vendors at a fish market in the capital

Technology is catching on in the Solomon Islands’ fishing industry. Just ask the women and men who each day take stock of fish arriving by canoes and boats at local markets. They will tell you that tracking the size of the catch, species and price for this Pacific island nation’s fish is now much easier with mobile phones.

PMI/USAID workers hand out information on malaria and mosquito nets for protection.

Inside the forested villages near the Thai-Burmese border, migrant workers are ill or at risk of becoming ill with malaria. Pockets of high malaria transmission still remain in these remote areas where there is limited medical care for workers who know little about the Thai health system or may not even speak Thai

The lead singer of Thailand’s most popular band, BodySlam, poses for pictures with fans in Udon Thani, Thailand.

Music moves people and messages in today’s world, and through the USAID-sponsored MTV EXIT campaign, top artists around Asia have taken center stage to energize youth to work to end human trafficking.

USAID trainee pumps water by riding a bike in Banke, Nepal.

Watering crops can be as easy as riding a bike in Nepal, where farmers are putting low-tech development into motion on two wheels in an effective approach that is being rolled out in other countries in South and Southeast Asia. They are not just spinning their wheels, they are driving farm development forward


Last updated: January 15, 2015

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