AgLEARN – Agricultural Learning Exchange for Asian Regional Networking

Programs that assist developing nations to improve their agricultural sectors and food security are a key way to reduce extreme poverty. The new USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia “Agricultural Learning Exchange for Asian Regional Networking” project focuses on establishing learning exchanges of innovative farming practices and technologies among countries in the Asia region – namely, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, India, and Thailand.

Nepali farmer growing tomatoes
A farmer grows tomatoes in a plastic tunnel in one of the most vulnerable communities in Nepal. Promoting inclusive sustainable agricultural practices that support rural livelihoods is a key focus of this project.
FORWARD, Local USAID partner


Improve farm productivity and farmer income levels, and enhance regional agricultural learning and collaboration within participating countries.

The program will establish a knowledge-sharing platform “The Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Agriculture Practices and Food Security” ( to disseminate information about agricultural techniques and technologies for smallholder farmers.


Leading Asian agricultural institutions will identify and transfer agricultural technologies to Bangladesh, Cambodia and Nepal from other countries such as India, Thailand and the United States. Project activities include regional and national trainings, farmer internships, training and exchanges, participatory research and the establishment of a virtual center of excellence for agricultural technologies.

The program also facilitates sharing of lessons learned from successes in smallholder farming and has partners with local organizations in each implementing country:

Bangladesh:     Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute and the International Development Enterprise

Cambodia:       Royal University of Agriculture and the Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture

Nepal:              Nepal Agricultural Research Council and the Forum for Rural Welfare and Agricultural Reform for Development

Thailand:          Kasetsart University and Chiang Mai University

India:               Society for Integrated Land and Water Management

U.S.:                 University of California at Davis


The Asian Institute of Technology, a leading higher education institution in Thailand, serves as the Lead Partner for AgLEARN.

Last updated: March 21, 2014

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