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Transforming Lives

Modern processing machinery has enabled the company to improve food safety, hygiene and the quantity and quality of its products
For years, Dehgan Roz manufactured plain yoghurt using the most basic equipment and production process. Milk from two suppliers was made into yoghurt, which was delivered to small shops in Kabul.
Nazira, at home in Parwan province
September 2013—Nazira* cultivates a kitchen garden, selling the vegetables and earning more than she ever made as a seamstress.
“I lost my father when I was a child. It’s up to me to support my family and now I can,” she says.
The Sarkani cricket team prepares to play its first match on the newly redone pitch
September 2013—When the Sarkani Youth Association in the northeastern Afghan province of Kunar decided to re-build a cricket pitch [When?], it was more than an acknowledgement of the area’s most popular sport. It symbolized a crucial attempt to engage with young people.


Last updated: June 02, 2014

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