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November 24, 2014

ISSUANCE DATE:   November 23, 2014               

CLOSING DATE:     December 07, 2014

SUBJECT:                Solicitation No. SOL-306-14-000071-01/OFM for Third Country National Personal Service Contractor (TCNPSC) Financial Analyst



The United States Government, represented by the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking applications from qualified individuals interested in providing the TCNPSC services as described in the attached solicitation. For further information please visit http://afghanistan.usaid.gov.

Submission shall be in accordance with the attached information and applications should be submitted electronically to afghanPSCjobs@state.gov.

This solicitation will remain open until close of business of December 07, 2014.

Any questions about this solicitation may be directed to KabulAIDHR@state.gov.



Annmarie McGillicuddy

November 22, 2008

Memorandum of Understanding Between PRT-Farah and USAID

Supreme Court Justice Abdul Rasheed Rashid, who heads the court’s public security division, said the FIT program was “extremely
November 22, 2008
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Thirty-four judges from six provinces are now better equipped to deal with financial crimes in their courts after receiving training from some of the most experienced financial crimes trainers in the United States.
November 19, 2008
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Businesspeople from around the country and the world will participate in the first World Pomegranate Fair on November 20, 2008, in the birthplace and crossroads of this ancient commodity.
The World Pomegranate Fair will take place at Badam Bagh Fair Site in Kabul on November 20, 2008.  This trade fair aims to connect people at all levels of the pomegranate value chain to explore the full range of pomegranate’s potential on display.
Ambassador Wood inaugurates The American University of Afghanistan's Bernice Nachman Marlowe Library.
November 10, 2008
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- The  American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) inaugurated the Bernice Nachman Marlowe Library on 10 November 2008. The Library and adjoining facilities will allow AUAF to reach its growth projections and further the goal of creating a modern, fully-equipped university able to effectively educate Afghanistan's leaders of tomorrow.
November 9, 2008
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Twenty judges working in Focused District Development (FDD) target districts completed criminal justice training on November 6 in Kabul.


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