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March 24, 2015

2015 03 24 Press Release - Afghan officials study Indian and East African road maintenance (English)

August 31, 2009
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- “Today’s event marks the first of many new initiatives utilizing the “Afghan First” principle.  It also celebrates the strong partnership between the U.S. Government and the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission whose goal is to create a modern, well-functioning, and efficient Government administration.”
August 12, 2009

General Ethics Principles

August 11, 2009
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Before embarking on a trip to the United States, Afghan Central Bank Governor Abdul Qadeer Fitrat told a group of Afghan banking and finance leaders today that developing mobile phone banking, through a project facilitated by the United States Government, will change the way all Afghans conduct private and public business.
Francis J. Ricciardone, Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of the United States of America, offered remarks at the opening of the conference.


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