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June 30, 2015

2015 06 30 Press Release - AWDP Herat Job Fair  (English)

USAID Senior Deputy Mission Director Robert Hellyer speaks to Afghan government officials and area farmers about the successful
May 23, 2011
HILMAND, AFGHANISTAN- Today in Hilmand Province, USAID transitioned a state-of-the-art poultry farm to a local investor, Hilmand Ihsan Poultry Company (HIPC), enabling the farm to operate as a private enterprise. The Hilmand Poultry Project (HPP) implemented a tailored training regimen to ensure HIPC had the technical and business acumen to establish a local presence to fully assume daily operations.
USAID Deputy Director Kevin Brownawell presents a graduation certificate to one of more than 1,000 Afghanistan Technical Vocatio
May 22, 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- More than 1,000 students from the Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI) received diplomas today after successfully completing two years of intensive technical and vocational studies.
Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Mohammad Asif Rahimi (center) speaks at the USAID regional meeting on strengt
May 18, 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) brought together 160 agricultural stakeholders from the Kabul region today to discuss new production and export activities in Afghanistan’s agricultural sector and to plant the seed for business deals between farmers and traders.
USAID Acting Mission Director Robert Hellyer announces a new USAID Financial Access for Investing in the Development of Afghanis
May 17, 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Today, USAID Acting Mission Director Robert Hellyer announced a new USAID project that will strengthen the financial sector by helping the Afghan government and the Afghan private-sector generate job creation and stimulate economic growth. The five-year Financial Access for Investing in the Development of Afghanistan (FAIDA) project launch brought together more than 100 representatives from banks, microfinance institutions, mobile network operators, and relevant government offices to discuss the future of Afghanistan’s financial sector.
U.S. Ambassador Hans G. Klemm, Coordinating Director for Rule of Law and Law Enforcement, speaks at the 26th Annual Judicial Sta
May 16, 2011
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Justice Abdul Salam Azimi, the Chief Justice of the Afghanistan Supreme Court and  U.S. Ambassador Hans G. Klemm, Coordinating Director for Rule of Law and Law Enforcement, attended the 26th Annual Judicial Stage Graduation Ceremony at the Ministerial Palace in Kabul. The program trains law, Shari’a, and Madrassa graduates to become judges. This year, 140 students were conferred degrees in the program.


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